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menefee-sarah Bibliografia

Sarah Menefee

Human Star - Factory School, 2005
The Blood About the Heart - Curbstone Press, 1992
I'm Not Thousandfurs - Curbstone Press, 1986

In Your Fish Helmet - Transmission Press, 2009
The Box – Azul Editions, 2007
All along the Tigris River bend – Big Bridge 9
You Have No Name – Numa Luta Corporal, 2004
Like the Diamond - Calliope Press, 2001
Reamed Heart - Deliriodendron Press, 1997
Plese Keep My Word - Worm in the Rain Publications, 1991

Revolutionary Poets Brigade, Vol. 2 - forthcoming in 2013
Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here – PM Press, 2012
Amerarcana - Bird & Beckett Review, 2012
Revolutionary Poets Brigade, Vol. 1 – Caza de Poesia, 2010
Beatitude, Golden Anniversary 1959-2009 – Beatitude, 2009
Enough - O Books, 2003
Poetry Like Bread: Poets of the Political Imagination - Curbstone Press, 1994 and 2001
The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry - Thunders Mouth Press, 1999
A Night at the Palace : a Benefit for Visual Aid - 1994
Would You Wear My Eyes? A Tribute to Bob Kaufman - Bob Kaufman Collective, 1986
Beatitude 33: Silver Anniversary Edition – Beattitude, 1986
Also: Contemporary Authors Autobiography Series, Vol. 26 - Gale Research, 1997

Work in translation:
So far over there – Edizioni Pulcindelefante, 1997
Questo Mano Peritura/This Perishable Hand - Multimedia Edizioni, 1995
Il Sangue Intorno al Cuore (The Blood About the Heart, translated into Italian)- Multimedia Edizioni, 1994

Journals and Magazines:
Acts, Amerarcana, American Poetry Review, Baltimore Sun, Beatitude, Big Bridge, Calliope, Channel, Collision, Compages, Conjunctions, Deluge, Erbafoglio, Exit Zero, Flit, Foot, Gas, Ink, Left Curve, Minotaur, Mike & Dale's Younger Poets, Northern Contours, Oro Madre, Out of Our, People's Tribune, People's World, Poetry USA, Prosodia, Queen of Heaven, Real Fiction, Siren, Skanky Possum, Small Town,Temper, Volition, Whispering Campaign, Working Classics, The World, Worm in the Rain, Zen Babies, and others.
Reviews: My books have been reviewed in the Bay Guardian, the San Francisco Chronicle, Red Bass, People’s World, The People’s Tribune, The American Library Association Journal, the Lummox Journal anthology (forthcoming), and others.
Sarah Menefee è nata a Chicago nel 1946, e scrive poesie da più di trent'anni pubblicando su giornali e riviste come Acts, Compages, Channel, Baltimore Sun, People's Tribune Volition, Left Curve, Real Fiction, Exit Zero, Gas, Working Classics, Worm in the Rain, Deluge, Beatitude, Conjunctions. Membro del National Organizing Committee, corrispondente del "People's Tribune", è profondamente impegnata nel lavoro a favore degli homeless con gruppi e organizzazioni come la "San Francisco Union of...
Stella Umana Sarah Menefee
Stella Umana 2014 80 Altre Americhe
Questa mano peritura
Questa mano peritura 1995 16 Percorsi
Il sangue intorno al cuore Sarah Menefee
Il sangue intorno al cuore 1994 88 Altre Americhe