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Taslima Nasrin
Libri di Taslima Nasrin


* Nirbachito column (Selected Columns)
* Jabo na keno jabo (Why shouldn't I go? I will)
* Noshto meyer noshto goddo (Impure prose from an impure girl)
* ChoTo choTo dukkho kotha (small sad stories)


* Opprpokkho (Opposition) 1992
* Shodh (Revenge) 1992
* Nimontron (Invitation) 1993
* Phera (Return) 1993
* Bhromor Koio Gia (Tell Him The Secret) 1994
* Forashi Premik (French Lover) 2002
* Lajja (Shame)


* Amar Meyebela (My Girlhood)1st part
* Utal Hawa (Wild Wind)2nd part
* Ko (Speak Up) 3rd part
* Dwikhandito (Split in Two) 3rd part (another name for Ko)
* Sei Sob Andhokar (Those Dark Days) 4th part
* Meyebela, My Bengali Girlhood - A Memoir of Growing Up Female in a Muslim World ISBN 1-58642-051-8


* The Game in Reverse: Poems and Essays by Taslima Nasrin 1995
* Shikore Bipul Khudha (Hunger in the Roots), 1986
* Nirbashito Bahire Ontore (Banished Without and Within ), 1989
* Amar Kichu Jay Ashe Ne (I Couldn’t Care Less), 1990
* Atole Ontorin (Captive In the Abyss), 1991
* Balikar Gollachut (Game of the Girls), 1992
* Behula Eka Bhashiyechilo Bhela (Behula Floated the Raft Alone), 1993
* Ay Kosto Jhepe, Jibon Debo Mepe (Pain Come Roaring Down, I’ll Measure Out My Life for You), 1994
* Nirbashito Narir Kobita (Poems From Exile), 1996
* Jolopodyo (Waterlilies), 2000
* Khali Khali Lage (Feeling Empty), 2004
* Kicchukhan Thako( Stay For A While), 2005


* Ananda Award, India, 1992
* Natyasava Award, Bangladesh, 1992
* Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thoughts from the European Parliament, 1994
* Human Rights Award from the Government of France, 1994
* Kurt Tucholsky Prize, Swedish PEN, Sweden, 1994
* Hellman-Hammett Grant from Human Rights Watch, USA, 1994
* Humanist Award from Human-Etisk Forbund, Norway, 1994
* Feminist of the Year from Feminist Majority Foundation, USA, 1994
* Honorary Doctorate from Ghent University, Belgium, 1995
* Scholarship From DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst), Germany, 1995
* Monismanien Prize from Uppsala University, Sweden, 1995
* Distinguished Humanist Award from International Humanist and Ethical Union, Great Britain, 1996
* Humanist Laureate from International Academy for Humanism, USA, 1996
* Ananda Award, India, 2000
* Global Leader for Tomorrow, World Economic Forum, 2000
* Erwin Fischer Award, IBKA, Germany, 2002
* Free-thought Heroine Award, Freedom From Religion Foundation, USA, 2002
* Fellowship at Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, USA, 2003
* UNESCO-Madanjeet Singh Prize for the promotion of tolerance and non-violence, 2004
* Honorary Doctorate from American University of Paris, France, 2005
* Grand Prix International Condorcet-Aron 2005, from the French-Parliament in Belgium, 2005
Taslima Nasrin (bengalese: তসলিমা নাসরিন), nota anche come Taslima Nasreen (Mymensingh, 25 agosto 1962) è una scrittrice, medico, attivista femminista dei diritti umani ed intellettuale bengalese. Per i sui meriti le è stato riconosciuto il Premio Sakharov per la libertà di pensiero nel 1994 ed l'Humanist Awards dall'Unione Internazionale Etico-Umanistica nel 1996. Membro onorario del National Secular Society, i suoi libri sono stati tradotti in 20 lingue ma la sua...