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Tone Pavček
It was good to experience the miracle of the birth of the Slovenian state; even better to have been at the right place at the right time; but the best, to see our dream come true. I recall the increasing demands for democracy and freedom; I recall a gradual yielding on the part of the outgoing rulers; I recall the blossoming of Slovene thought and the exacerbating dispute with the Army and the centralists; I recall the breaking of taboos, the fall of barriers and walls - the Berlin wall and ours too - I recall the call of time that did not go unnoticed by me. I went with it to rallies, meetings, protests, before the crowds at Kongresni trg, before delegates in the Republic's assembly, before fellow writers at the Writers' Association; I went from the battle for core educational contents, to protests for the release of The Four, from the May Declaration to independence. Now I wish the memory of that time were like a plough bringing to the surface the gold ore from the depths: the resolve and unity of that time to touch our consciousness and our souls.
Tone PAvcek
Tone Pavček è nato il 29/9/1928. Laureato in giurisprudenza è stato per lunghi anni nella redazione culturale della RTV slovena e come direttore nella casa editrice Cankarjeva. Negli anni del disgelo (gli '80) è stato Presidente della Lega degli scrittori sloveni e ha svolto altre cariche e impegni sociali importanti. Ora è in pensione. Tra i premi ricevuto spicca la "Prešernova nagrada", il massimo riconoscimento nazionale per le arti contemporanee. Pavček ha debuttato in poesia nella...