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lim-genny Bibliografia

Genny Lim
Opere pubblicate
• 1981 American Book Award
• Bay Guardian Goldie, Creative Work Fund and Rockefeller for "Songline: The Spiritual Tributary of Paul Robeson Jr. and Mei Lanfang," collaboration with Jon Jang and James Newton.
• James Wong Howe Award for Paper Angels (Premiered July 2000, UC Zellerbach Playhouse).
• Wings of Lai Ho. Illustrator Andrea Ja Chinese translator Gordon Lew. San Francisco, Calif: East/West Pub. Co.. 1982.
• Him Mark Lai, Genny Lim, Judy Yung, ed (June 1999). Island: Poetry and History of Chinese Immigrants on Angel Island. University of Washington Press. ISBN 9780295971094.
• Winter Place. Kearney St Workshop Press. ISBN 9780960963041.
• Child of War. University of Hawaii Press. January 2003. ISBN 9780970959737.
• Paper Angels and Bitter Cane/Two Plays. Kalamaku Press. December 1991. ISBN 9780962310218.
• Roberta Uno, ed (1993). "Paper Angels". Unbroken Thread: Anthology of Plays by Asian American Women. University of Massachusetts Press. ISBN 9780870238567.
• Velina Hasu Houston, Wakako Yamauchi, Genny Lim, ed (1993). The Politics of Experience: Four Plays by Asian American Women. Temple University Press. ISBN 9781566390019.
• Linda Wagner-Martin, Cathy N. Davidson, ed (1999). Oxford Book of Women's Writing. Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780195132458.
Genny Lim è una poetessa , drammaturga e performer Cinese-Inuit Americana. Ha collaborato con alcuni dei maggiori musicisti jazz dek mondo, incluso Max Roach, Billy Higgins e Herbie Lewis. Ha partecipato a numerosi festivals jazz negli Stati Uniti, da San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego a Houston e Chicago. Genny ha partecipato a The World Poetry Festival in Caracas, Venezuela nel 2005 e ha inciso numerosi CD insieme ai suoi collaboratori Jon Jang, in "Immigrant Suite" e Francis Wong, in...
La morte del tempo Genny Lim
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